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What we stand for


At Johnny Pag Motor Company we dream of a world where the opportunity to own a bike, belong to a community, and get on the road and ride are available to everyone. We believe that the Johnny Pag motorcycle is a two wheeled invitation to a new lifestyle that creates an unprecedented excitement for the next journey.


For  Our  Customers:  Our mission is to design insanely cool bikes with attitude, soul, and identity. These bikes are affordable and available world-wide for explorers who want to get out with others and create their next adventure.

For  Our  Dealers:  To create an interdependent strong bond so together we can make Johnny Pag Motor Company the worldwide consumer choice.

Who is Johnny Pag

Johnny Pag may have been born on the East Coast, but the California sun, 8 lanes of fast-paced freeway, and the tenacity to be the best, all make him the man he is today. As founder of Johnny Pag Motor Company, Johnny is fueled by his passion for production motorcycles with exceptional designs that deliver power-packed rides for the next generation and beyond.

Custom building bikes is second nature to Johnny Pag. In 1995, all while working for Biker’s Dream in Orange County, CA, Johnny watched his father custom-build choppers for countless celebrities, professional athletes and musicians.

He stocked parts in the warehouse, swept floors and polished tools, while learning how to create the perfect bike. Over time, Johnny became more involved in the custom-building process and developed a vision for how a new generation of bikes could energize riders everywhere. Every Johnny Pag motorcycle is truly unique, every bike has a soul. It lives and breathes and has a connection to its owner. The creativity, affordability, high-quality craftsmanship and raw power in every Johnny Pag bike will excite riders everywhere to get out and ride.

Johnny Pag Motor Company is an American Company, headquartered in Southern California. Founded in 2009, Johnny Pag Motor Company has been responsible for the design and development of dozens of new motorcycles and accessories.

With a rebel’s swagger, outstanding manufacturing abilities, and keen business sense, Johnny Pag has expanded beyond the United Stages and caught the attention of the global market.

Our combination of meticulous construction standards and innovative designs make sure that riders everywhere are passionate about the motorcycle they are riding. Johnny Pag consistently delivers products that are innovative, fun to ride, technologically advanced, solid as a rock and rigorously tested as they come off the production line.

Each motorcycle is 100% tested by multi-functional roller test benches to ensure the highest levels of power, torque, speed, acceleration, and braking. We believe “Quality Control” results in “Quality Assurance,” and ultimately a product that exceeds the demands of the global power sports market.

Our product is now sold in over 20 countries and the expansion is not stopping anytime soon. Johnny Pag’s research and product development, creative design innovation, and strong support to dealers has put Johnny Pag as a motor company in a league of their own.

The Pag Way

Johnny Pag isn’t just a motorcycle company. We are a lifestyle company. Everyone associated with the company is committed to your success and helping your business thrive. We go beyond the bike and put our customers and dealers first. Our vision for revolutionized manufacturing processes, having excellent product cost and bold dealer protections exceed the norm. Anyone associated with the Johnny Pag name is family. We’ll drive new business through your doors while driving your bottom line.  We build truly incredible motorcycles that are appealing to the consumer.  Johnny Pag riders get the bike and service and your margins are protected.

That’s the Pag Way.

We're different & we know it

The  Johnny  Pag  Difference:  We want our customers to be life long fans of the Johnny Pag Brand. Our goal is to create loyalty while driving new business through your doors by focusing on current non-riders. There are many more non-motorcycle owners than motorcycle owners. With our price point, unique design concepts, and marketing efforts we transform non-riders into riders and returning customers.

We think Maxim magazine before we think Cycleworld. We think online before we think print. We think set apart before we think blend in.

We’ve created worldwide brand exposure by participating in an unprecedented amount of events per year in over 20 countries. Our US national advertising campaign includes participation in all the large motorcycle events.  All of this combined with our online and print advertising puts us in front of millions of consumers that are looking to buy our products at your doors everyday.

We offer an experience with our Pag’s Garage Craft Beer Bars throughout the US, Europe and Asia. Our customers get an up close look at our bikes in a custom bike shop themed bar while enjoying one of our exclusive craft beers named after the motorcycles.

That’s The Johnny Pag Difference.